Project Overview

FlameCut CNC was designed to be a low-cost, easy to assemble, hackable but fully capable plasma table. Many of the material choices were made to satisfy that goal. I am sure many people will know of better materials, but usually at a higher cost. Feel free to substitute them. Almost everything that is not an off the shelf item can be made with a drill press, a miter saw or band saw.

 Current State: Main Structure Drawings Released!

FlameCut CNC Plasma Table on Sketchfab.


  • Working area: 1200mm x 1200mm
  • Rail System: Linear guides
  • Drive System: Straight gear rack & pinion on X & Y axis; Lead screw on Z axis.
  • Motors: Nema 23 Step Motors
  • Dual-drive motors on the Y axis
  • Frame:¬†Steel Square Tubing